Carphone Warehouse

General web consulting and front-end prototyping.

I have been a consultant for Carphone Warehouse for the past two years, working on a number of front-end development projects.

A focus has been to develop a Tariff Finder prototype where customers find new deals and phone upgrades based on requirements they set using sliders, checkboxes and select fields. I have also built prototypes for Phone Comparison and Data Calculator features of the website. All of these involve advanced on-page Javascript features using jQuery.

I have also produced a report analysing their website's performance on tablet and making general recommendations for the future. Another task I undertook near the beginning was to build a Geek Squad page to sit in the main navigation of the Carphone Warehouse site. All work needs to be rigorously tested on browsers and devices to match high-spec in-house designs.

More projects

More projects