Geek Squad

Development of a custom CMS and front-end responsive website.

Originally I was brought in to do the front-end implementation of a new website for Geek Squad. This went very well and soon they decided to move away from their old enterprise CMS to a more agile and bespoke solution.

I developed a new custom multi-terriroty CMS platform that gave the team the features workflows they needed. Since this switch the website has grown x10 and we have successfully scaled the system to 1.5 million monthly pageviews.

The site has been through a re-brand which saw the site go fully responsive for mobile and tablet. I have also designed a new customer support journey called Quick Start to help people get the most out of their phone and tablet. This was implemented as an intuitive 3 step tool where they pick their device's brand and model to reach the content they need.

2013 Website of the Year Nominee, News & Information Category

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More projects