Web development contract template

For some projects you or your client may feel a contract is needed. While I don’t insist on this usually, for the bigger projects it can put everyone’s mind at ease – particularly if the working partnership is a new one.

A contract should protect the basic interests of both parties while helping to ensure they are committed to undertaking and delivering the project. Contracts are legal in nature so careful language should be used to avoid ambiguity.

When I wrote my template I took inspiration from various sources and contracts. In some places some legal wording seemed unavoidable. Overall I tried to keep the contract simple, readable and organised.

You are welcome to download this contract template below and adapt it for your own needs. I also welcome any feedback should you have suggested improvements, particularly if you feel it is missing anything on the legal front.

Disclaimer: This template is provided as-is, you accept all responsibility should you decide to use it. This blog post is not legal advice, I am a developer. You should carefully check that the contract meets your legal requirements.